NEAR SHORE Near shore and offshore fishing, (sometimes called deep sea fishing,) is anything that breaks outside of Ponce Inlet jetty bell buoys. Near shore fishing is boating along the beach, chasing the shrimp boats, or bottom fishing artificial reefs and wrecks along the coast from 2 to 30 nautical miles offshore. Caught Up fishes along the coast where land is always in view.

RED SNAPPER & OTHER SPECIES Certain times of the year are open to fishing certain species such as red snapper. Red snapper season is huge since it is only legal to catch them a few days a year. Fish such as cobia and tarpon run at certain times of the year. Giant schools of other fish such as king mackerel migrate up and down the coast year-round which allows Caught Up to catch these fish when they pass by New Smyrna Beach. 

OFFSHORE For offshore fishing, Caught Up pushes further out in the water targeting different reefs and ledges to troll or bottom fish. With offshore, fishing is done in deeper waters, where you don’t see land, where tuna, mahi, wahoo and sailfish occasionally run. Caught Up more typically fishes near shore.

Both offshore and near shore fishing is always weather permitting.

FISH we target for nearshore / offshore:

amberjack, barracuda, bonita, cobia, flounder, grouper (black, gag, goliath, red, Warsaw,) jack crevalle, king and Spanish mackerel, redfish, shark, sheephead, snapper (lane, mangrove, mutton, red, redeye, vermillion,) snook, tarpon, triggerfish, tripletail

Conditions sometimes also allow for mahi, sailfish, tuna, wahoo but these are not typically targeted by Caught Up.