When choosing which fishing charter fits your needs best, some things to ask yourself “What fish do I want to catch? Do I want to bring back fish to eat later? How long am I on the water today? Do I get sea sick? How many anglers are coming?” etc. All ages are welcome! Guests are allowed to bring a reasonable sized cooler(s) with beverages and snacks but a cooler will be provided with water bottles. Proper clothing, hats, and glasses are highly recommended. There are only three rules to know before boarding the vessel are that bananas, glass bottles, and spray sunscreen are forbidden onboard.

        During your charter the Captain Bruno will bait the hooks and teach you the proper techniques to catch and land a fish. Regardless of your experience or skill level, he will give you information to help you become a better angler.

         After the trip is finished and we have cruised back to the dock, the crew will fillet the edible, legal fish and Ziploc bag them to take home, all provided by the captain. He can recommend the best venues for happy hours, sunsets and music, too!


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